Saturday, February 7, 2009

1st garment for Spring

I have wanted to make these pants ever since the pattern came out. They are my first successful pair of pants that I have ever made.
I cut a size 10 and widened to a size 12 in the hips.

I used more buttons on the flap than was shown in the pattern drawing, but I think mine may have been smaller (1/2") than the pattern called for. I also used 14 eyelets instead of 12.

The instructions easy to follow except for one part . I borrowed that pic from Erica. If it had not been for Erica's tutorial. I would have never made it through it. I highly recommend reading through her tutorial, or print it out like I did, while you are going through that part of the construction.
One of the things I love to do is see if I can knock off a desinger piece of clothing I love. Marc Jacobs clothing is a brand that I love, but, alas, cannot afford. I just fell in love with these pants when they came out awhile back and knew I did not have enough skill to design the pattern myself. However, I am so happy that HotPatterns did that. I am also thankful that Erica was so kind to share the construction details on the difficult part.

Marc Jacobs (back)
Marc Jacobs (front)

His version was over $300. Mine is under $30. I used some cotton blend off the sale table at Hancock's. It cost about $2 per yard. It has very fine blue and white stripes. I also could not find any 1/4" white eyelets in my Hancock's or online, so my husband spray painted some I already had. Here is the back.

I will definitely sew these about two more times. I want a pair of yellow ones for spring and a pair of winter white wool blend ones when fall comes around again. I highly recommend this pattern. It is one of my favorite patterns ever!!! These are the first successful pair of pants I have ever made and the first HotPatterns pattern I have sewn.
Now I just need a top to go with them. I have on a navy blue one in the picture, but I just wonder if a navy blue top, navy blue & white flats, and blue/white stripe pants is just a little too much navy and white. I am not sure what color top or style? There have been some cute patterns in BWOF that I have been looking at. Any ideas?


Erica B. said...

Your pants look great and I love them with the shoes!

Christina said...

Great pants! Definitely use that pattern again. What about wearing these pants with that puffy sleeve tee in the Feb 2009 BWOF?

Lindsay T said...

Rockin' cute pants! Love your cap-toe ballet flats.

Tany said...

The pants look wonderful, congratulations!

Aminat said...

That is one lovely pair of pant you made..Congratulations , it's so cute, and I love your shoes, they are so lovelllly.....

Sara said...

Those pants are awesome. As for a top, you could pop some color in there with a pale lemon yellow or go with a white or navy top, but find a colorful scarf to punch it up.

My mom is Mary (Sewfast Embroidery) and she recommended your blog. I'm glad I stopped by!

Adrienne said...

Your pants are so cute!!!

disa said...

I love it ! Very creative ! That's actually really cool Thanks.