Friday, February 6, 2009

The latest addition to my "collection"

I have wanted some Marc Jacobs mouse flats for the longest time. He has designed several varieties:

I have never been able to afford any, and when they did go on sale, they either weren't marked quite low enough or my size wasn't available. I had even given serious consideration to trying to make some. I thought I would get some basic white flats and glue on eyes, a nose, and a tail. Well, today I was doing a little internet surfing and , lo and behold, what do I come across but Marc Jacobs latest rendition of the mouse flat on sale for LESS THAN $100!!! from a regular price of $250. With great anticipation I clicked on the pic to see if they were all sold out, and they only had once size left----my size. Whooopppeeeeeeee!!!! In a split second I decided it was just meant to be, I spent the rest of my Christmas money on them. Here they are:

If I could just figure out to make shoes. Hmmmmm....


BeeBee said...

LOL, those are SOOO cute! I never would have thought of mouse shoes! Enjoy.

elbereth said...

Love them! How is it i've missed them until now? They'll be so much fun to wear. :)

Tany said...

They are GORGEOUS!!!

Meg said...

Thanks for the comment on my blog! I just wandered over to check yours out... Oh I love love love those shoes!! they are so gorgeous. I am a huge fan of marc jacobs shoes, my wallet however is not! I hope you enjoy them :)

corteygrif said...

Hello Rachel
im a big fun of Mark Jacob Designs,
the bags and shoes are stunning.
thanks for sharing
i fallow your comment on Couture et Tricot,my big friend TANY.
happy week