Thursday, February 19, 2009

New Simplicity Patterns

Simplicity has released their early Spring patterns and there are lots to behold. I really like some of the design elements on these patterns. Yellow is a popular color for Spring and origami is considered to be one of the wearable Spring 2009 trends . I am seeing both in this yellow dress. The only thing that concerns me is the possible preggo look it might give.

Simplicity 2659

I am loving View A with the ruffles around the keyhole neckline--minus the ruffle sleeves. Ruffles are in for Spring, but that is just a little too much of the good stuff for me. I can just image this in a silk charmeuse. YUM!!

Simplicity 2650

There is only one thing to say about this red dress below---TO DIE FOR!!!

Simplicity 2648

I just love the shape of the pink (another hot color for spring) dress below and I love the twist at the waist on the printed one. There are so many pretty views of this dress. The neckline on View B of the sleeveless version is so elegant.

Simplicity 2644

I was concerned this maxi dress trend would be over before I got to try it, but it still looks to be fashionable for this Spring. Now, I don't wear things just because they are fashionable, but I don't want to wear a trend that I like that is not in style anymore for risk of being a fashion victim.

Simplicity 2642

Shorts suits are considered a Spring trend, and I think the pattern below is so cute. I love in hot south Alabama and shorts are a staple for me in the summer.

Simplicity 2665
Now, if only I had the time to sew all of this.


Sewfast said...

Thanks for the Simplicity recap Rachel! I received the email, but haven't had time to look yet. Those dresses are a winner for me! Don't know about yellow for me. It's not one of the best colors for me. And I know what you mean about the maxi dresses. I would love one, but not quite sure how it would play in my small town.

Aminat said...

Those are lovely patterns, I love the maxi dress too, but I prefer the pink view. I have that color of yellow in my stash. I have to make a dress, I don't have a single one. Thanks for the info on the spring colors too. Have a lovely weekend

Cennetta said...

Rachel, you have some great patterns. After reading your review I'm taking a second look at the dress patterns. I may have to pick up a few more.

Erica B. said...

Great picks! S2648 is a must have for me! The possibilities are endless! I love the little ruffle top too.

Omega said...

Nice pattern choices, I really like the dresses.