Saturday, August 22, 2009

Look What I Won!!!

I am so excited!!! Sew-Ann at Sew-Ann's Stitchin had a contest for some gift baskets and I won one of them. It had two wax markers, the cutest ever pin cushion, and the Sophia Amy Butler pattern. The pin cushion top will come off and allow you to store things in the little jar it is attached to. Also, I have been wanting this Amy Butler pattern forever, but I was too cheap to buy it full price. I am so happy to have won it. It is the prettiest purse shape. Thank you so much Sew-Ann!!!
I will have a garment to share with you sometime in the next few days. It has been slow sewing around here because I just got started back to work. It is extrememly hectic because I have new textbooks in all of the classes I am teaching this semester, except for one. That means I have to work all the problems that I assign since they are all different from the previous textbooks. Unfortunately, I have to do some of that on the weekend. :( I am also determined to knit a little every day. I have become addicted to it. My love for it and sewing is equal. Even though my blogging may be a little sporadic for the next few weeks, I am still following all my favorites and discovering new ones.


Marybeth said...

How cute! My sewing is also slow because of back to school - I got a new classroom this year and have been setting that up... Can't wait to see your knitting projects! MB

gold said...

Cute gift! I also have lacking in the sewing department,but I have been doing some crocheting. Have not blogged in a while.

Sew-Ann said...

You don't know how badly I wanted to trace the pattern. The bag is too cute. Probably would be much more work to put together than I would want to deal with. Can't wait to see your fabric selection for it and see it all made up.

Have fun with those textbooks *sarcasm* lol.

Julia said...

Congrtulations on winning such a great gift! Love that pin cushion!