Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Chadwicks won't take my credit card!!!

This is a non-sewing post and a rant. I am sorry for the lack of sewing posts lately, but work is stressing me out. I am having to bring work home and by the time the weekends get here, I am exhausted. I do have a couple of things to show you, but I haven't had time to take pics.
Here goes the rant. I love Chadwicks, but apparently they don't love me. They will not accept my credit card even though it is listed as one of the cards they accept. I have attempted to place online orders a couple of times and I get a rejected message. My husband and I always pay off our credit card at the end of each month. We don't put anything on our card that we could not pay cash for at that very moment. In other words, there is no reason for Chadwick's to be doing this. I called them on the phone and tried to place it and the service representative said it was rejected. I told him my situation and he just said, "I'm sorry but I don't know what is going on." Then I called my credit card company to see if they would look into it. They said they had not received any rejected cc orders on me from Chadwick's and could not understand why they would not accept the card. WHAT IS GOING ON!?!?! Have any of you ever had this problem with an online store? Did you get it resolved? What did you do? I should just boycott Chadwicks, but they have the cutest clothing at great prices. Help.


julia said...

I've never had this happen. How frustrating! I love Chadwick's clothing, too. It sounds like they are having problems with their website.

Hilary Baumann said...

What's most confusing is that your CC company reports not getting any attempt at a transaction from Chadwick's. Usually I would say to double check your billing address for the card and make sure it matches down to the dots and commas when you enter it into Chadwick's checkout but it sounds like something else may be going on here (and you may not be able to fix it if Chadwick's screwed up their code.)

Any chance you have another card or can convice a friend to use theirs (of course writing them a check or giving them cash for the amount you want to put on their card?)

Hullabuoy said...

I have had this problem with 1 card and 1 company-it has to do with the address verification-(evidently all companies do not use this?)I was using my debit/mc. I complained to both(bank also) on several occassions with no result so I don't do business with them-too bad I also like there merchandise-BUT-they did not even try to help! I do not have this problem anywhere else!