Saturday, April 25, 2009

Tribute to my husband...and new sewing goodies

When I first began wanting to learn to sewing, my husband was my biggest supporter. I started out with a basic sewing machine that he bought me from Walmart. It was perfect for a beginner. I never really did anything with it until I started taking sewing classes in 1999. My neighbor was taking the smocking/sewing class, and she invited me. She said they were having a Saturday Basic Smocking class, so I went. Well, I was hooked. I started taking the weekly class which was much more than just smocking. The teacher taught you to do whatever you wanted. Well, I learned how to make and smock a basic bishop dress and basic dress.

bishop dress upclose of neckline

yoke dress
I soon began to learn lace shaping, madeira applique, shadow embroider...basically alot of heirloom sewing. I finally decided I needed to sew for myself so I started with simple skirts, dresses, etc. Many of the ladies in the class told me I needed a serger. Also they were all into machine embroidery. I bought one of my fellow classmates used Babylock Esante, and my husband surprised me with a new Babylock Imagine Serger and palette. Later on we bought the Elna 6500 Heirloom Edition since I was doing so much of that type of sewing.
My husband has always been selfless and giving to me. He truly exhibits Ephesians 5:25. This is not to mention the pleating machine and various other sundries he has been so supportive in me buying.
Well, in the almost 15 years we have been married, he has been through alot. After suffering with severe sinus infections throughout the first 8 to 9 years of our marriage, he underwent sinus surgery. What was supposed to have kept him out of work for a week or two kept him out for 3 months. He was one of that 15 % that got a sinus infection right after surgery. He wasn't back at work very long until he came down with what he and I, affectionately call, "the mystery illness." Our family doctor finally diagnosed it as either West Nile Virus or some other disease that you get from a tick. He began treating him for both and it wasn't until he prayed in his office with my husband that he started getting better. About 1.5 years ago, he went to our family doctor for a routine blood pressure checkup and asked him to examine a lump. It turned out to be testicular cancer. Praise God it was in the early stage and the doctor's were able to surgically remove the tumor. He underwent 18 radiation treatments as a precaution. As of today, he doesn't have cancer and we give God all the credit and praise for His goodness in our lives. I stand amazed at God's mercy and grace in my life and his.
Well, it has been 10 years since I got my Esante, Imagine Serger, and Palette. Lately I have been feeling the need for an upgrade. Yesterday we took my serger to get it serviced. While I was in the store, I asked them how much a the new Esante Embroidery machine, Evolve Serger (which also coverstitches), and the new Palette would cost. They quoted me a price and I told them I would think about it for next summer. When we got in the truck, my husband said, "well, you know how the economy is and we can get the package for that price now. Next summer, it may be higher" I looked at him and said, "Are you really serious about me getting this?" and he said yes. Well, we marched right back in and he bought me the whole package. I stand amazed at God's goodness to me not only in big ways, but in the many small ways. He has blessed me with the best husband on the face of this earth. It is not because he bought me this package I wanted, because I was all ready to drive away from the store and think about it for next summer (the big 4-0 birthday summer). It is just his all around selflessness. I am a terrible housekeeper---he doesn't complain. I am many times immature---he doesn't complain. He builds me up instead of tearing me down. I could go on and on.
Now let me show you what I got. These are not my pics. I have the Esante at home, but I am waiting for the Serger and Palette to come in from order. Here they are:

Sunday, April 19, 2009

More knitting...a hat

I have been doing more knitting. This is Seaman's Cap that I found on It is my second knitted project. I think I am getting really addicted to knitting. It is so relaxing sitting in from of the TV at night and just knitting away. Unfortunately, I lost count a couple of times and had to recount. I also dropped some stitches a few times and had to pick them back up. My iron is modeling the hat. It is for my husband, but it is still a little wet from blocking, so I didn't ask him to put it on.

I knitted this using Lionbrand Wool Ease in the color Wood. I used a Boye circular needle (interchangeable) from my new Boye Needlemaster Set that I bought using a 50% off coupon at Michael's. I just love it. It is so handy having what you need right there at your disposal. Here is what it looks like.

I did the decrease rounds using double-pointed needles (dpn's). It was sort of like fighting a porcupine to begin with, what with all the points sticking out at you, but it was really fun. I bought them from Amazon. They were a really good deal.
I will post a pic of my Easter dress in a couple of days. I meant to snap a pic of it last Sunday, but I was feeling so terrible that I just changed clothes when I got in from church. I spent the rest of last week dealing with a sinus infection and taking antibiotics. I will dress up my dress form, Lady Burgundy, in it and post it soon.

Friday, April 10, 2009


Pattern: Butterick 5247

I cut a size 8 and graded to a size 10 in the hips by taking a smaller seam. I usually cut a size 10 in knit patterns, but according to the finished measurement, I took a size 8. For this reason, I think the pattern runs a little big.

I sewed view B and it was super easy. I was finished in about 2 hours which is probably a record for me in sewing time. I had been looking for a pattern that would be simple enough to flatter this gorgeous Missoni Sweater Knit I purchased from Fine Fabrics back towards the end of Dec 2008 when they were on sale.

If I can find some more Missoni, I will probably make this pattern again in a shorter tunic version to wear with skinny crop jeans. I definitely recommend it to others. I think it would be a great pattern for someone who has never sewn knits and is wanting a simple pattern to begin with.