Monday, January 18, 2010

anthropologie knockoff #3--the Verite Dress

I was yet again perusing when I shouldn't have been and saw this gorgeous "Verite Dress". I knew wasn't paying $158 for it, so I began figuring out how I would knock if off. The Selfish Seamstress and I were thinking along the same lines, because here is her version. She drafted hers from scratch, something I do not know how to do, so I started with McCalls 5881, View D. I altered this pattern to get as close to the anthropologie dress as I could. Here is the original anthropologie dress.

upclose of midsection of anthropologie dress

original anthropologie Verite Dress

First, I chopped the top of the skirt section off so that there would be a middle section and added some to the top with wax paper so that it would have a V. I also did the same in the back except I did not V the back at the top middle section.

Then I forgot to fold out the dart for the skirt section, so I just eased it when I was sewing. There was too much dart in the back skirt to fold out or ease, so I just put them in.

alterations to front
I trimmed the bottom portion of the bodice on both sides of the dart so that it would match the top of the middle section the I added a V to. I also cut the front bodice on the fold like the original Verite dress and raised the neckline so that it would not be so low cut. I cut a size 12 in the pattern, but had to taper in to take a deeper seam allowance on the sides of the front bodice. I probably should have just taught myself to do an SBA at this point, but what I did worked well enough. I interfaced the bodice and middle section and added boning to both the side seams.

The back of my dress has a middle section unlike the original Verite dress. It was a pain getting the seams to line up when I inserted the invisible zipper, but I finally did it. WHEW!!

I used a Worsted Stretch Flannel Latte from It is 96% wool and 4% lycra. Here is a closeup below:

I faced the bodice and middle section and lined the skirt. Here is a pic of the inside.

sorry for the wrinkles, I took this pic after wearing it today :)

And finally, here is my knockoff. It is not exactly like the Verite, because the bust darts don't go all the way to the neckline, and as I mentioned before the back is in three pieces instead of two. However, it is close enough to make me happy.

First the front and back of the dress.

front back

I topstitched in brown Maderia machine embroidery thread.

back bodice closeup front bodice closeup

cardigan, F21
belt, ??
brown patent kitten heels, Target
necklace, Etsy seller

Thanks for reading. I am sorry for some of the wonky spacing in my post. i just cannot seem to make Google Blogger do spacing like I want.


Ms. B said...

Wow you did a wonderful job! I love it!!

Erica B. said...

Very cute! I love it with the cardi!

A Sewn Wardrobe said...

OMG. I. Love. This. What a fabulous dress. It looks very well-made - you did a really thorough job on this. I often struggle with zipper alignment, too. Sometimes they go in so easily, and other times... Ugh. It took me a few hours, and multiple tries, to insert the zipper on the last dress I made. It can be so frustrating.

Great styling, too! Who is the Etsy seller re: the necklace??

Lori said...

Wonderful job, the dress is so cute and the styling wonderful.

Christina said...

Wow, I'm impressed! Your dress turned out great and I love the way you styled it.

Jenny said...

Fantastic knockoff and outfit! You look great.

gwensews said...

You did a terrific knock off! Good sewing! And you saved-how much money?

selfishseamstress said...

Nice work, dress twin! It looks great and I love the way you accessorized it.

Farmer Jo said...

Looks wonderful! I wish I could do that.

NGLaLALa said...

Very cute! I love how you paired it with the cardigan and necklace... super cute!

Gail said...

Its very satisfying to copy something for a faction of the cost. Works well with belt.

Sharon said...

Beautiful dress - you did a great job knocking off the Anthro dress. Love the way you styled it for work!

roxy said...

It looks fabulous! Considering the Verite Dress didn't work for me, I like yours much much better.

ali said...

looks great you should take orders!

Kathi said...

You did a terrific job with your knock off!! I am quite impressed. It looks great with the bright cardigan and necklace and the belt!

amy kelinda said...

I have no idea how to sew even WITH a pattern and step-by-step instructions (the only thing I know how to do on a machine is hem things, and even that is often spotty) so I am VERY IMPRESSED with your creation!

Susan said...

Your version also came out amazing! I saw Selfish Seamstress' version a while back. I too am unable to draft from scratch, so it's nice to see you can alter patterns and have the same effect. Bravo.

Ginger Roxy said...

great dress!!!!