Saturday, January 16, 2010

Fabric Shopping

Thank you, readers, for all the lovely comments on my Owl sweater.
I checked my blogroll this morning and A Sewn Wardrobe blogged about the $1.95 sale at on The Vera Lavendar Collection. I had eyeballed a few of those fabrics awhile back and almost bought a piece when it was on sale, but I am so happy I waited. This morning I went fabric crazy shopping, but not fabric crazy spending. I purchased $50.71 for $38.05. gives free shipping with a $35 purchase and I had a coupon code for 20% off. There are plenty of coupon codes for on Unfortunately I had already used the 30% off coupon. Readers, I feel like I stole those fabrics. I don't have any idea what I want to make out of most of them, but it will be fun planning. There was on fabric that was low on yardage when I ordered, so I hope I get them all. Here is what I bought:

1. Designer Techno Taffeta in Emerald and Navy (2.5 yards each):

I plan to make S2497 out of one of these and maybe S2724 out of the other.

2. Polyester Blend Houndstooth Suiting Chartreuse (3 yards). No clue what I will make:

3. Wool Blend Tweed Boucle Suiting Teal (3 yards).
I am thinking I will make a cute jacket out of this in a Chanel vibe. I am hoping this fabric is more green as it appears online, but if not it is still pretty.

5. Wool Blend Boucle Suiting Cobalt Multi (3 yards). Jacket, skirt?

6. Polyester Boucle Suiting Navy (3 Yards):
I am taken with what looks like black threads running through this fabric. I love navy and black together.

7. Wool Blend Boucle Suiting Ivory (3 yards):
I am thinking a Chanel-ish jacket with black trim.

8. Stretch Luxe Jersey Knit Cream (3 yards):
I am thinking of a gorgeous wrap dress out of this a la Erica. I tried to link directly to her post on this, but I couldn't. She made Vogue 1087 out of some cream fabric that is gorgeous.

9. Printed Brocade Floral Amber (3 yards):

I have had my eye on this fabric for awhile. I plan to use it to knock off this lovely dress that used to be on Nordstrom's website:

I think this is such a cute look with the cardigan.
If I counted correctly, that is 26 yards of designer fabric for $38!!! Until next time.


Marybeth said...

Must. Go. To. NOW! Thanks!

gwensews said...

Nice score!

Lori said...

I am heading there now. Thanks for the tip.

2BSewing: said...

Great fabric finds!! I like that dress with the little sweater cardigan. I'm happy to say...that I'm on a fabric and yarn diet. I do like your fabrics. ;)

A Sewn Wardrobe said...

Sorry to be an enabler. ;)

I definitely did not need most of the fabrics either, but at $1.95/yard, you're losing money by not buying! At least that's what I told my husband...

I like the Nordstrom dress. I was thinking the same type of dress, perhaps the sleeveless Vogue 8511. I found the original Vera Wang here:

Aminat said...

I am so jealous, we don't get to see much here in Canada, if I order from fabric .com I pay a lot on shipping. I just ordered 5yard of fabric from online store in the states and I paid almost $70...the fabric of cause was just $45 and the remaining was shipping....uummm. All your selections are beautiful

Kathi said...

I just got my shipping notice - some of those same fabrics are in my order. We could be fabric twins!!

Sharon said...

Oh gosh - I placed a large order with them last Tuesday - it should ship soon. I also ordered some that you did
I love that dress you're going Rob knock oddly

冷淡 said...

很好啊 ..................................................

NGLaLALa said...

What great buys! I've been eyeing that green boucle, but it looks like it's all sold out. Can't wait to see all the things you make out of your purchase!