Saturday, May 15, 2010

Thanks ...and an update

Thanks everyone for your suggestions on what type of zipper to use for my anthropologie-inspired dress I posted about in my last post. I had not thought of using a pick stitched zipper, so that is what I did. When I got it done I looked at the dress in its (almost) entirety just looked....homemade. I still had the collar ruffle and sleeves to do, but when I looked at the scalloped waist area, I could see the seam through the bodice where the skirt attached to the waist. It did not look good. I had initially stitched the scallops down with a straight stitch, but because of the thinness of the silk batiste, it just didn't attach well to the linen. Then I sewed over it with a zigzag. It looked better, but it still bothered me. I could not figure out what was wrong until I realized that I had intended to order "satin" batiste...not silk batiste. I use to sew children's clothing and I didn't remember satin batiste being as papery-feeling and papery-looking. I guess it had been so long since I had sewn baby clothes and little girl's smocked dresses, that I forgot which fabric was which. I live in a small podunk town and I have to order virtually all my fabric. I do have one local fabric shop, and there is some good fabric there, but not what I needed for this dress.

The bodice of this dress is so sheer that you can see every seam. I had considered binding the seams where the scalloping is done with bias tape, like Amanda does, but the more I looked at the zigzag stitch, the more I hated it. I had already ripped a small hole when I took out my unsuccessful invisible zipper so I knew I wasn't about to rip out all that zigzagging. I decided I didn't want to put all that time into binding and still not be happy with the outside stitching. There were a couple of places where it wasn't exactly right, and it really showed with the pink stitches being right next to the black skirt.

I decided there was no way to save this dress as it is. It was really disappointing and I pouted for awhile. Do you ever pout over your sewing mistakes? I decided that the whole problem is the sheer, flimsy, papery silk batiste. I need something more substantial for the bodice. When I tried the dress on, it went to my ankles (tea length). I want it at my knees, so what I did was to cut the bodice off the top of the skirt (yes I resorted to scissors) and used the same fabric to recut the skirt in a shorter length. I am still trying to decide what to use for the bodice. Any ideas? I need something that is not sheer. I am still thinking satin batiste, but now I am worried that I don't remember much about its nature either. If I recall, it isn't sheer, is it?

Unfortunately, I am not going to be able to wear this dress to the wedding I was making it for. I think the time stress may have been a contributing factor. I can't sew well under stress and should have remembered that. I will just have to wear my standby wedding dress. Meh... Part of me wants to just chunk this dress. I keep telling myself that maybe it is too little girlish for me...I will be 40 in August, but I hate that I spent all that money. It is not what I would have spent if I had bought the actual anthropologie dress, but it is more than I usually spend on a sewing project. Well, if it ends up wasted it is not the first wasted money I have spent on a sewing project, and I am quite positive it won't be the last.

It is going to be a week before can work on this dress again because I am leaving for Disney World in Orlando tomorrow. I am going to see Tinkerbell, my favorite Disney character. Maybe I will get refreshed and rested and be able to defeat this dress. Readers, thanks for your suggestions and help.


A Sewn Wardrobe said...

What a bummer. I pout over sewing projects quite often; too often, really. If it makes you feel any better, I've wasted a lot of money sewing things that turned out meh or that I didn't end up wearing. I'm starting to accept that some projects will totally rock; others won't. Maybe your dress is one of the wadders, but hopefully you can salvage some of the fabric, at least. And keep thinking of the great projects you've done - like the recent Kate Spade dress - which make sewing so worth it.

Have a great time at Disney!

Linda said...

I too pout over sewing projects, agonizing for days sometimes. Then I finally let it go. Sometimes you have to walk away from an item. Enjoy the trip to Disney.

Amanda S. said...

Sorry about the dress. That is SO frustrating! As someone who has just been to Disney World last month, be SURE to sit in front of the Disney Castle in Magic Kingdom for the evening fireworks. Tinkerbell makes an appearance in a very grand way. Have fun!

Karin said...

Have fun at Disney. Of course we all have wadders and feel down about them. You have a lot triumphs. You Kate Spade dress was fab! If you've fallen out of love with the project, I think it is OK to just move on to the next project and call a "sunk cost."