Saturday, October 16, 2010

Plaid Skirt: Burda Magazine 1-2009-105


I have been wanting to make myself a plaid skirt using this fabric I got at Walmart for $1.00 per yard about 2 years ago.  I used the fabric make a jacket that I blogged about before.
I searched through some old BWOF's (they will always be BWOF to me) and found this cute skirt pattern.  It has a visible zipper (although not totally exposed like the ones that are so trendy today)

I took this picture from the magazine with my camera because I can no longer find the archives for this issue on Burda's website.  I really don't like what they have done to their website.  Here is the line drawing, also photographed with my camera.
The skirt was very easy to make.  I followed the instructions as best as I could interpret Burda instructions, and then just did what I thought was correct where I had problems understanding theirs.  The skirt did not call for a lining, but I added one. I did something I had never done before:   I attached the waistband facing to the lining.  What I usually do is sew the lining to the skirt at the waist, then attach the facing at the waistband,  and then handstitch the edge of the waistband facing down to the lining.  However, I am getting more obsessive about a more nicely finished inside, so I decided to try this.  I simply cut off a piece at the top of the lining pieces in the shape of the waistband facing, minus the seam allowance.  Then I sewed the facing to the lining pieces--basically they filled in the part I cut off.  Here is what it looks like all put together on the finished skirt:
I really like doing it this way.  It cuts down on handstitching.   I topstiched the skirt where it was called for in the pattern with rayon embroidery thread.  I am letting my dressform, Lady Burgundy, model it for you.  I will feature it in an outfit in the future when it gets a little colder outside.  Would someone from New England send me a little of that Noreaster that is blowing through?  It is still in the 80's in Alabama during the afternoon. 
   My kitty, Minor, wants everyone to know that he has taken up the study of Patternless Fashions:


Linda said...

Really cute skirt and the pattern you chose was perfect for a plaid.

Karin said...

$1/yd! The fabric fairies did smile you on you!

Your skirt looks gorgeous. And even pretty on the inside too!

I know what you mean about Burda instructions. I think everyone just muddles through the best that they can.

Eugenia said...

Wonderful skirt. You've just reminded me that I've been wanting to make this one for ages! I love your version - that plaid fabric is very nice.

Irene said...

Beautiful skirt. The way you attached your lining is the way it's done in RTW, I believe.

Gail said...

Great job on the skirt. I love this design and plaid is a terrific winter wardrobe builder.

gwensews said...

That skirt looks terrific in yellow plaid! Great look! WalMart used to have some interesting fabric, much of which I bought. Wish they still sold it.