Saturday, June 5, 2010

Anthropologie knockoff--The Fluttering Pencil Skirt #2

Back in September I sewed a knock off of Anthropologie's Fluttering pencil skirt here. I decided that I needed a summer version. A friend gave me some fabric from her stash--I love free fabric. It is a navy blue polyester blend with raised white dots. It is sort of pique-ish. I used the same technique that I used before which shams at Communing with Fabric did a tutorial on. It works wonderfully. I won't go into it because her details are so great and I would just be repeating what she is describing. I used a basic pencil skirt pattern from Burda--BWOF 10-2008-104 (you will always be BWOF to me!!) I cut the front on a fold and took out the two pleats at the bottom of the skirt back. Then I just proceeded with shams' tutorial.

Here is the original anthropologie skirt:

and here is my knockoff. My skirt buttons are from my mother-in-law's stash. The only money I have in this skirt is in the interfacing, skirt lining, and side zipper.

Here is a side view. My blouse is from JCPenney. I bought it for about $8 last year during one of their huge clearances. You can't make it that cheap.