Wednesday, August 11, 2010

I haven't fallen off the face of the earth

It has been awhile since I posted, but I have been following alot of sewing blogs.  I have just been a little disillusioned the past couple of months with sewing.  I have had a few sewing disasters and that has kind of put the damper on my enthusiasm.  I tried to make a pair of pants (not my strong point) and just really messed up the fly zipper--wasted fabric.  Then I tried to remake that off white jersey dress I stained with makeup awhile back and got it done.  Well guess what I did again---I don't even have to tell you.  It is just not meant to be.  Then I attempted to make a simple ruffle knit top and cut almost all of it out when I ran out of fabric.  I should have measured first, but I didn't.  After that, I just decided to take a little break and did not sew for about 3 weeks.  Then I decided to make a dress from a pattern that I have made before out of some gorgeous polka-dot silk charmeuse I got from  It was going to be my 40th birthday dress (for today...hmmm did I just let that piece of info drop?)  but look what I did.  I was putting the neck binding on and somehow I caught the sleeve up in it.  Before I noticed I had already trimmed the seam and in the process trimmed a chunk out of the front sleeve edge.  I don't have a clue how to fix it. It seems to be cut a little too far in for sleeve binding and I don't have the patience to remake the bodice.  Any ideas what to do?  I had planned to wear it with a cardigan, so that may just be what has to happen, but it is so frustrating.

I am literally scared to sew now. I am wanting to make a simple skirt, but how will I destroy it? Anyway, I suppose we all go through these sewing episodes. Until next time...