Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Fabric Buying Binge and Future Plans

I have been sitting on some Christmas money and I finally spent some of it today.  I have been planning Spring sewing for awhile and have just been putting off buying fabric for it, but finally caved today and ordered it.  
   First up, I have long been in love with this anthropologie dress.  It is the "Night Blooming Dress" and came out last Fall, I believe. 

I just would not fork out the money for it.  It is so unusual and pretty to me.  The bodice is silk and if you look closely, you can see a bird on it.  I obsessed, yes obsessed, over this dress, but I restrained myself. I set about looking for some fabric that would work for the bodice, but I could not find any, so I gave up.  A couple of days ago I was looking for some cotton lawn fabric for a different item and came across this lovely fabric.  It is quilting cotton, not silk, but it reminded me alot of the bodice of this dress.  It is certainly not an exactly replica, but it just spoke to me.  I debated over using a quilting cotton for the bodice of a dress, but I finally decided to give it a try.  I asked for advice on patternreview and got some encouragement. 
I am thinking about using a pattern I have similar to this one. I can't find my pattern that I have online, but this one is very close.

I am going to do the skirt of out of this Bussells Washer Linen Black that I ordered today from It is a rayon/linen blend.  I do not like 100% linen because it is too wrinkly for my taste. 
I am also going to use this fabric for the skirt of another anthropologie knock off I am planning.  I attempted back earlier last year to sew the "Swinging Sweetheart Dress", but I made a bad fabric choice and really a bad pattern choice, so it did not work out. 

Over at patternreview again--I know I drive them crazy, but they are so helpful and nice---I asked for help finding an appropriate pattern.  Someone suggested a Burda Style pattern from an 11/2007.  It is perfect, but finding the magazine was another thing.  I just kept checking ebay until it became available.  I still have to do the scallops at the waist of the skirt, but I found a Threads magazine article that is very helpful.  For the bodice I am going to use Charmeuse Satin Baby Pink that I ordered from
Here is the line drawing of the Burda Pattern I am going to use.  It is a straight skirt, but I like that better than the full one on the anthropologie dress.

I am also about to sew my first Colette pattern.  I really love the Macaron  pattern that I got as a Christmas gift. 
I had no clue what type of fabric or look I wanted to go for with this dress until I saw a similar dress over at the wonderful blog, Vintageglammz.
used with permission from Vintageglammz

Isn't her dress lovely?  As soon as I saw it I thought about the Macaron pattern.  For the main part of the dress I am going to use this cotton lawn from

For the bodice I am going to use a black charmeuse from

I had seriously considered using a black tulle fabric like the lovely blogger's dress, but I am going to be teaching in it, and I thought that might be a bit dressy.  I really do like the tulle, though.
     Lastly, I bought two Shetland Wool fabrics from that I have been salivating over for awhile.  I got an email that today is the last day they will be 50% off, so I knew I had to buy them.  The discount shows up when you place them in your shopping cart. I don't know what I will make with them, but they are so pretty and "colonial" looking that I just had to have them. 

Thankfully, I was able to use coupon codes on my purchases.  I am looking forward to these fabrics arriving.  So much to sew, little time!!!


Gail said...

I hope your students appreciate the effort you put into your dress. I love the pastel coloured checked wool, especially the yellow.

Irene said...

Ooo! All those nice new possibilities for the wardrobe! Wonderful plans!

Jamie said...

I can'twait to see your interpretation of the Night Blooming dress. I think the fabric you've chosen for the bodice will look fantastic with this dress. I'm a sucker for all things with birds on them -- I probably would have talked myself into paying full price for that dress, if it had had the gorgeous bird print fabric you'll be using!

MAD14kt said...

WOW! You will be busy :)

Nickname unavailable said...

I love your Anthropologie knock-offs! For Swinging Sweetheart, you might look at this Cynthia Rowley skirt with a similar waistband:

Agnieszka D said...

Pretty blog.