Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Inspired By Anthropologie - New Look 6569

Well, I fell in love with another Anthropologie skirt--I'm sure that is no surprise.  It is the Peppered and Striped Skirt.  It is a beautiful wool gray skirt with yellow polka dots and a plaid waistband.  Isn't she lovely?  At $128, though, I knew she wasn't coming home with me.  I loved the fabric so much that I contacted anthropologie after it went on sale, but there were no skirts left anywhere. 

I started searching for fabric and came across this similar fabric on ebay.  It is so neat in that it is reversible.  Here is what it looks like on each side. 

The seller I bought it from has a website called Fabricall.   When I saw this fabric, I knew I would never find anything any closer.  It is of course a different coloway than the anthropologie skirt, but it is incredibly close in terms of the style.  Being that it is described as 100% Italian wool, I thought it was a very reasonable price.  When it arrived, there was a 10% off coupon on my next purchase placed with Fabricall.
     I really do not like the pleats on the front of the anthropologie skirt, so I opted to just do a circle skirt.  I did not want a really full one, so this New Look 6569  pattern fit the bill.
I sewed View B.  The pattern does not call for a lining, but I added one.  It is just a basic polyester lining fabric in a pinkish-lavendar color.   I just attached it to the waistband facing.  I followed the instructions for the skirt like they were written.  Interestingly though, I  made a size smaller than I normally make.  I have not made alot of New Look patterns, so I wasn't sure how there sizing compared to the Big 4.  Does anyone find that they run big?  I measured the waistband on the pattern sheet and according to my measurements, I needed a size smaller than usual.  It could be because I wanted to wear the skirt at my waist instead of below it like the pattern calls for.   I used the polka dot side for the skirt and the plaid side for the waistband.

front of skirt
(forgive the wrinkles, but I had worn it all day when I took this picture)

waistband facing attached to lining

inside of skirt

My outfit with the skrit:
Taupe cardigan:  Overstock
Top: JCrew "Frances" cami
Brown Tights:  Banana Republic (old as dirt)
Pink Patent Mary Jane Heels:  Shoes.com (old as dirt, too)


Faye Lewis said...

Lovely, lovely, lovely. What else can I say, and the fabric is wonderful.

The Watts Watch said...

What an amazing recreation! I'm envious!

countrygirlcouture said...

I love that fabric! It is so pretty! Awesome job! :-)

JoanneM said...

Very clever. Great fabric!

Lori said...

Very pretty, perfect fabric.

Irene said...

Lovely skirt! Love the polka dots! Actually, I saw that fabric and wondered what someone would make from it. Now I know. Great job.

Eilane Vida Costura said...

Hello, your skirt is perfect, the fabric is gorgeous and leaves nothing to desire Antropologie.


Eilane - Brazil

(Sorry if it gets a little crazy, rsss not speak your language and I am using a google translator)

gwensews said...

What a greate knock off! Using the reverse side of the fabric for the waistband made a perfect coordinate. Nice sewing!

Jamie said...

I really, really, really adore your version of Anthro's skirt! I think the pink polkas add such a flirty kick to this. I've been planning to try to recreate this skirt for some time. I have a thrifed wool pleated skirt that I'm going to "stamp" some yellow fabric paint polkas onto. I also found the prettiest tartan belt to affix to the waistband (or maybe just wear as a belt, so I can change it out more easily, if desired).

I'm a little worried about how the stamping will turn out, but if it's a total failure, at least the skirt was only $3.50!

Rachel said...

I can't wait to see your version of the skirt. I know it will be great!!

FullertonRegan said...

Rachel, this is gorgeous! I gotta admit that I was a little wary when I saw fabric pics, but as I scrolled down and saw the completed skirt, and THEN the completed outfit? Sold! You have such a lovelystyle. I've been very inspired by your combos & layering, and have incorporated it into my clothing. :)


littlenashua said...

Just recently found your blog and I love your version of the high end retail stuff - very inspiring.
Anyway, I have only made New Look patterns (both dresses) and I found that they ran true to size/small compared to the big 4. I always aim for the smallest size a pattern comes in, and if I make a Simplicity or Vogue it's usually too big and needs major resizing. When I made two dresses from New Look, I used a 6 for one and it was the perfect size, and had to go in between a 4 and a 6 to get the fit right on the other.

I was actually quite impressed with the fit and style of the New Look patterns, so much that I am actually considering buying more of them and staying away from others, since I have rotten luck with most of them.

Laura said...

I like your's much better. And the waistband adds a punch of color to the Grey. I'm not a fan of pleated skirts. They really only work on an hourglass figure.

Angela said...

Cute skirt! I LOVE the fabric and how you styled it!

granny chic said...

The fabric of your DIY skirt is so much cuter than Anthro's! What a great outfit!