Tuesday, March 22, 2011

My hair travails... and new patterns

First, readers, thank you so much for your lovely comments on my recent dress.  Honestly, I had some misgivings about it after I made it, but all of you made me feel really good about it.  I think the reason I had misgivings was because I had just watched What Not To Wear, and it crossed my mind to wander if Stacy and Clinton would approve of it.  Who cares if they do or not!?!?  I like the show because they do put together some cute outfits and there are some gorgeous dresses on there, but I find it to be very inconsistent.  For instance, there were two shows on last Tuesday night.  In the first show, Stacy told the makeover-ee that her dresses were too short.  However, in the very next episode, Stacy was wearing a dress shorter than any the lady in the previous episode had worn...Go figure...but, I digress.
    Anyway, this is a mostly non-sewing post and a non-shoe post.  This is really a gripe about my hair post so if you want to stop reading, go ahead, but if you feel like listening to, er, reading, a gripe, just continue along.  I do talk about some new patterns I have ordered at the end if you just want to skip to that :)
   When I turned 33 or 34 years old, I decided that I wanted to go blonde after having worn my natural medium brown hair all my life.  I started slowly by getting a few highlights here and there.  Then, I went blonde overboard.  I went really platinum.  I got tired of all the upkeep so I got it lowlighted.  Then over the next 3 or 4 years I would go lighter, then darker, lighter, then darker....you get the idea.  Up until a year ago, I was in a reddish brown phase that I really liked.  It was something I could handle doing myself, so I did my own color and just went to get my split ends trimmed ever so often.  Then I turned 40, and I think I sort of went through a midlife crisis.  I decided that I had to be blonde again so I went to a "professional".  I started out with some highlights, but then I went blonde overboard again.  You have probably seen it in my recent posts.   My colorist was excellent at doing blonde.  It had no weird tones in it but was just a nice light blonde.  I really liked it, but I started hating the expensive upkeep and the dark roots more.  I had been giving it alot of thought and decided to go back to a light brown with very fine highlighting.  I really think it looks better on my skin tone.   In the past when I have gone back from blonde to brown with other hair colorists, it has not been a problem.
   Well, when I walked into the salon this morning and showed her some pics to give her an idea of what I wanted, I had no idea what a traumatic event this would turn out to be.  In the past when I have gone from blonde to brown, my previous hair colorists have just added dark streaks to it with a demi-permament color and used a toner to blend everything in.  It has been no big issue. 
    Well, she pulled out the hair swatches and started showing me different ones.  We picked one that looked like the hair color in the picture. Now I know that you can't just put color on your hair and think it will look like the swatch.  When you have bleached hair, you have to fill in missing colors.   I started to ask her if she was going to fill in the missing colors in my hair first, but then her supervisor told her that what she was using would be fine since it had all the missing colors.  She put it on my regrowth and then pulled it through the rest of my hair.  It turned my roots this red color and did not darken my hair at all.  She was totally stumped as to why my blonde hair did not go darker.  The one thing you don't want to hear come out of you colorists mouth is "Hmmmm."   So she ran the color through again and it did not go darker.  Then she decided to put bleach on my roots to get out the red.  She then put a shade darker on my hair than she had used before and it finally went a little darker, but it is not as dark as I wanted.  I still have this slight weird redness to my roots and my hair is this muddy water dark blonde.  I will credit her for trying to fix it before I left, but I am not happy with it.  As I was leaving, 6 HOURS LATER,  she said,  "it looks good  for what it has been through."  That is what concerns me...what my hair has been through.  Amazingly, my hair ends did not fry at all.  I must have a tough head of hair.  
     She has lost my business.  This may sound a little unfair, but you only get one chance with my hair.  If you mess up once, that is all you get,  because I can mess it up for a lot cheaper myself. I won't demand my money back, but I just won't come back again or recommend you to anyone else.   At this point, I do not trust these so called hair "professionals" at all. I know there are some good ones out there, but not in this small, podunk town I live in.   From this point forward, I will be doing my own color.  I am just going to live with this awhile until I decide what to do.  It is not awful looking, but I assure you I won't have people stopping me on the street complimenting my hair color.  Thanks for listening, er, reading.  I feel better just getting this off my chest.
   Also, to make myself feel a little better, I decided to take advantage of Pattern Review's sale of McCalls and Butterick patterns and order some I have been wanting.  I ordered these 4 patterns:
McCall 6069
McCall 6321
Butterick 5356
Butterick 5491
There is nothing that quite makes you feel better as good as new patterns.


Andrea said...

Ugh, I can commiserate with your hair woes. I received an absolute hack job past weekend. One laughing husband, a crying jag in the shower, and a second hair cut of the day, everything turned out fine. I was fairly traumatized though.

Gail said...

Stacey & clinton? Why can't Americans watch the original. Trinny and Susannah the Brit style queens are so much better than any remake.
I have used your new pattern very successfully. It is a gem.

AllisonC said...

It's probably happened to all of us at some point, I really sympathise and thank goodness it looks ok now and doesn't sound as if its too damaged. New patterns will definitely help - I've made the dress which is great, just watch the low back.

Karin said...

Poor you! At least it is "fixed" now, or if not fixed, at least liveable. I think we can all relate to your feelings. It's horrible to feel uncomfortable in your own hair.
Your new patterns are cute, I look forward to seeing you make them. I think they are a much better way to console yourself than a tub of Ben and Jerry's which is what I would probably do! :-)

Steph said...

I'm so sorry to hear about your horrible hair experience. I just got my hair cut yesterday and believe it or not it was over a year since my last hair cut (crazy, I know). I have had many unsatisfactory hair colors/cuts in the last couple years, so I guess I just gave up- until yesterday of course.

Stephanie said...

I totally understand your hair woes. I gave up on professionals. My mom cuts my hair now, does an awesome job, and I dye my own and it comes out just fine. :) Plus it's a lot cheaper!

A Sewn Wardrobe said...

Where did McCalls 6321 come from? I've never noticed it. It rocks!

Sounds like you are doing the right thing - color your own from here on out. So sorry you had to undergo such trauma.

Debra Martin said...

I love that 5491 pattern. Sorry to hear about your hair troubles. Does Hallmark make a "So sorry you lost your stylist" card? They should. Buy yourself some new shoes. That always helps me feel better when I have a bad hair day. Not buying new ones necessarily, but wearing fabulous ones always takes the sting away.

Angela said...

Sorry to hear about your hair! Love it when patterns and fabric can make you feel better. I had a rather stressful week at work last week and did a little fabric shopping to relax and make me feel better. :D

Julia said...

After reading this, I'm glad I've never had a "professional" color my hair. I just bought some Nice 'n Easy today. I've been thinking about letting my color grow off and be white headed, but my daughters and husband say, "NO!" I hate that you went through all of this. I can't believe you were there 6 hours!! They should pay you for your time.
Those are all great patterns.

Trudy Callan said...

I'm with you. You get one chance with my hair. But you are nicer than I am. If the stylist majorly messes up, I won't pay them. Thank God hair continually grows so we get another chance with it. I hope it all works out for you.

I love your pattern choices.

Thanks so much for your sweet comment on my blog post about my pregnancy.

Sharon said...

Oh yea, only one chance with my hair - I can get through a day wearing something that is a bit off and still be okay, but if I'm having a bad hair day? Oh, forget it, don't even talk to me. That would make me so nervous and I'd never go back. Hope it works out well!

Love the pattern choices. I bought McCall's 6321 as I find that side drape quite interesting. Whether or not I actually sew and wear it remains to be seen.

vintageglammz said...

I just read your whole story about your hair experience - agrhhh. What a mess. We put all our trust into so-called experienced professionals, but when they don't do their job correctly, of course we are going to be upset about it. Good for you for not going back. An experience like that would not make me go back either.
This is part of the reason why i go to cheap hair salons that JUST cut my hair and nothing else. I used to go to expensive places that did not listen to me and cut my hair all wrong and I'd try to hide it in a pony tail afterwards.
Don't worry, your hair will grow out in time :-)