Tuesday, April 12, 2011

S2580 - inspired by anthropologie

A few weeks ago, anthropologie introduced the Powdered Pigment Dress.  It is unusual and attracted my eye.  I love the way the stripes swirl around , the cowl neck, and the pleating at the waist.  It is made from silk material. 
I decided to do an inspired version.    I used Simplicity 2580 and a striped ITY jersey I got on sale at fabric.com.  For a better look, see here at the wonderful blog You, Me, and Anthropologie.  This blogger tried it on and has some up close shots of it.  It is probably a very good thing that I don't live close to an anthro.
I used the cowl neck from this pattern and the shorter skirt.  I added a faux wrap to mimic the anthro dress and pulled up some pleats which I topstitched in purple.  I did not add sleeves, but went sleeveless instead.    Because my fabric is different, my dress drapes differently than the anthro, but I tried to capture the main idea.

front view

side view (forgive the dog toy in the background)

Readers, I am just not sure about this dress.  I purposefully did not "slash and spread" the wrap portion of the skirt before doing the pleating because I wanted the stripes to swirl.  However, something about it seems off to me proportionally.  Do you think it is too long?  I have considered chucking the whole anthro vibe of it by just taking out the pleats, shortening the dress, and making a sash out of the same material to go around the waist.  What do you think? 

P.S. I actually already did an earlier post on this, but I did not like it so I deleted it. 


Mary Ellen said...

It is a cute dress. I notice in the anthro dress that the yellow comes clear across entire front of dress. That is the first thing I notice. I like the length of it. Great fabric too!

AllisonC said...

I don't think you should change the skirt part unless you want to go shorter. The main difference between your dress and the anthro one is that their bodice stripes don't go vertically - maybe just try it with a belt to break up the pattern a bit and see how you feel about it then. Either way this looks like a great dress for the summer.

Steph- Anthro-esque said...

I am so impressed by your version of Anthropologie's powder pigment dress. The waist detail is amazing.
How do you alter standard patterns? Did you learn this by instruction or experimenting?

I think the vertical lines straight down the middle are what may be the problem, but I have no idea how to remedy that (the Anthro dress has the top portion swept diagonally to break up the body from the skirt).

Rachel said...

I learned how to alter by experimenting, but I am definitely no expert at it. I think I am going to try to redo the bodice. I think I have enough material left.

couturearts said...

It's a really cute casual dress, but it does not have the avant-garde vibe that you may be going for.

Perhaps the problem with the stripes being off at the skirt is that they are not off enough. If you're going to go off-kilter, you should go whole hog. Notice, in the original, how the stripes are really going all over the place. They're diagonal in the bodice, then slightly off in the skirt. It is obvously intentional. In your dress, the stripes being slightly off in the skirt is less obviously intentional, therefore not as powerful.

Unfortunately, I have no amazing suggestions on how to fix this.

MAD14kt said...

I L*KE!!! :)

Molly at Anthromollogies said...

Rachel, you are seriously amazing. I can't believe how awesome the material is! So I think the "proportion" issue that feels off to you can be remedied by a simple fat belt in the middle. A big brown one, and then some funky shoes or sandals, and long earrings. With a belt, you could even pull up the dress a bit and blouse it over the top of the belt, shortening the length a bit. I have no sewing no-how, so therefore I suggest styling measures only to remedy.

patsijean said...

Your dress is "inspired by" and not a copy. There are a couple of differences, the big one being there is a separate bodice and skirt which gives the print that interesting mis-match. I suspect that the skirt is flared out at the bottom where it wraps giving the dress that extra bit of drape.
That said, your inspired version is great. I admire your ability to engineer that tucking at the hip. Slash and spread might have given you a bit more drape but I am not sure it is necessary in your version. Like it.