Thursday, June 30, 2011

Spring Outfit: S2501/S5259

I have been wanting to make myself a JCrew inspired "watercolor pencil skirt" for sometime and have been waiting for the perfect fabric to come along.  I follow alot of fashion blogs and I saw a blogger pair a pindot blouse from anthropologie with a similar anthropologie watercolor skirt.  I just fell in love with the outfit.
Here is the anthro shirt and skirt that was worn together.

Picture Frame Blouse

Penciled Abronia Skirt
I decided I had to make something similar.  I bought some Lipstick pindot cotton shirting from when it went on sale and some Kerri Stretch Sateen and set about making my outfit.  This pindot shirting is so soft it feels almost like cotton lawn.
For the blouse, I chose Simplicity 2501, View D, that had been in my pattern stash for awhile.
I have long loved this pattern and have just been waiting for the perfect fabric to come along.  I made the blouse exactly according to pattern instructions with the only alteration being that I used 3/8" elastic in the sleeves instead of the recommended 1/4".  That was only because my local fabric shop was out of 1/4".   The red buttons are from my stash of buttons.  This is currently my favorite blouse. 

Here is my blouse being modeled by my dress form, Lady Burgundy.  Lady Burgundy is just not herself anymore.  She has become mis-adjusted somehow and I can't get her fixed.  I really need to invest in a quality dressform.  Anyway, here is the blouse:


sleeve closeup
For the skirt, I used S5259, View D.

Readers, this is the perfect pencil skirt pattern.  I will definitely be using it in the future again.  I made the skirt with no alterations except that I added a lining.  I attached the  lining to the waistband facing so that I would have a nice clean finish on the inside.  The lining is a pinkish/lavender basic polyester.
skirt front

skirt back

This sateen fabric is currently my favorite piece of fabric I have ever bought.  I just LOVE the colors in it.  I bought enough to make a dress from it, too. 
Here is how I wore the outfit:
The shoes I am wearing are knockoffs of Anthropologie's Anticipation Heels.  I got these at for much less than the original anthropologie heels.  Here is a closeup of the anthro version, but mine look exactly like them.

Until next time, Happy Sewing!!! Have a great 4th of July!!

Friday, June 3, 2011

Knocking off Fables By Barrie (Sailor Dress) - B 4788

Several months back I was surfing around Etsy and I came across this stunning dress.  My jaw almost hit the floor.  The dress was $150ish so I knew I would not be purchasing it.  However, I began to think about how I might knock it off.

This dress is by a company called Fables by Barrie.  I did not know that at the time until I saw the dress again later on Modcloth, but it had long sold out.  I knew that it would be easy to find some navy and some white cotton interlock, but who knew how difficult it would be to find some red/white striped interlock with just the right size stripes?!?!?   I looked everywhere and finally found some at Fabric Fairy.  I had never heard of the company before, but I ordered anyway.  I must say I am very pleased with their service.  The red/white striped interlock is excellent quality.  I turned right around and ordered some navy/white striped interlock from them.  I bought my navy interlock and white interlock from 
   I began to look for a pattern to make the dress.  I searched and searched and gave up.  One day I was looking through some patterns in my stash and, lo and behold, I already had a pattern that would work, B4788, View B. 

I did not realize it because you cannot really see the details of the dress very well from the cover pic.  However, when I looked at the line drawings on the back, I knew I had found the perfect candidate for this knockoff.

I had already made View A of this dress a long time ago before I began blogging, but I did not remember what View B looked like.   Next came the task of finding buttons.  I went to Etsy and found some right away.
The dress was really easy to make.  I followed the instructions exactly as they were written, except that I drafted facings for the armholes.  I could not make the fabric turn under correctly as described in the instructions because the interlock was a little too thick, so I decided a facing would be much easier.  I usually never make a muslin for a knit dress because, fortunately, they have always fit me when I just go by the finished bust measurement.  I assumed this one would not be any different.  However, when I got it made, it was gaping about an inch at the back neck.  I debated how to salvage it and decided to put a pleat in back neck.  There are pleats on the shoulders of the front of the dress, so I thought this might look okay and kind of go along with those front shoulder pleats. 

back of dress

Here is the finished dress. I plan to wear it to church on July 3 when we do our July 4th choir musical presentation.  Our choir director always wants us to look patriotic.  I haven't decided if I will wear the silver sandals I have on with it in this pic or my red patent peeptoe heels. 
As you can see on my dress, I omitted the bows on the shoulders and my bottom ruffle is a little more "ruffley" than the original dress.  Also, my front bodice wraps over in a V neck unlike the original which is a U neck.   I can't wait to wear this on July 3. 

    On a side note, I have tried several times to comment on many of the blogs I follow, but there is apparently something wrong with Blogger.  Everytime I type in a comment (except for once or twice), it takes me to the sign in page.  Well, I sign in and it takes me back to the comments where it then again takes me  back to the sign in page.  I don't know what is going on.  Until next time, happy sewing, and stay cool!! Literally, stay COOL!! It is 99 here today with a heat index of 104. I am staying inside at the sewing machine.