Friday, August 26, 2011

Rosette T-Shirt: Kate Spade Knockoff

Last year I saw this Kate Spade Rosette t-shirt and thought it was so pretty.  I wanted to do a replica and, fortunately, I came across a wonderful post on Adventures in Dressmaking that showed exactly how to do it.  I love it when that happens so I don't have to figure it out myself.

  A couple of years ago I bought a long-sleeved, turtleneck t-shirt off Walmart's clearance rack.  I didn't bother to try it on and when I got it home, it was too big.  I had planned to just take it up so it would fit, but when I saw this tutorial at Adventures in Dressmaking, I decided it would be perfect.  Of course, I had to let things marinate for awhile as other projects took precedence, but, finally, I made it last week.
I did not take a pic of the before shirt, but it looked something like this except with a turtleneck.  Also, my shirt is gray and navy striped:

I followed the tutorial on Adventures in Dressmaking exactly and it turned out very well.  I won't repeat the steps here because I would just be rewriting the tutorial. After I got the rosette sewn on, I tacked it down in various places so that it would lay down and not flip forward as I wore the top.
   The edges of the neck and armholes are finished with fold over elastic.  I had never used fold-over elastic before and none of my local fabric shops had any, so I bought some on etsy from Deepwater Trading.  I used just a little less than the two yards.  I was a little apprehensive since I had never used it before, but it was so easy.  There is a great video tutorial on Angry Chicken and also a how-to on Craft Stylish on how to apply it.  Here is my finished top:

front of tee

closeup of rosette

cardigan:  JCPenney
Jeans: Walmart
Belt: ebay
shoes:  Dillards

shoe closeup
Stay tuned for another Kate Spade Knockoff--Happy Sewing!!

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Lonsdale Dress

When Sewaholic first announced the Lonsdale dress, I knew I would have to have it.
It is so unique and I have never seen a style quite like it.  It has a halter front, but it has straps on the back like a sundress as well as a cute little bow.  I can't resist a bow!!
   I ordered the pattern as soon as it became available on  When Tasia started a Sew-Along (note my badge in the upper right hand corner) it was just the motivation I needed.  Sewaholic describes the dress as being designed for a pear-shaped figure.  I apparently don't have a pear shaped figure, because had to take out alot on the front bodice. Or, does that mean I am extremely pear shaped?  I made my muslin of the bodice, and ended up having to slice out quite a bit.  I would have thought that I needed to go to a smaller size except for the fact that the back bodice was perfect without any alterations.  Here is a pic of my bodice muslin.  On the right side I have drawn in the dart that I sliced out of the bodice.

You will notice several other colors of markers.  That is because it took me several attempts to get it just right.  The next pic is the bodice pattern piece with the extra folded out.

I also had to scoop into a 7/8" seam on the front center bodice seam to take out some fullness as well as taper from 5/8" out to 1/2" seam allowance at the side seams from about bust level to the underarm.  All in all, I think I got a pretty good fit. 
    I used some wonderful cotton lawn bought from 
Oh my goodness, Readers, I think cotton lawn is my new favorite fabric to sew with.  It is just lovely!!!  I have some more in my stash that I plan to use for a future anthropologie knockoff. 
Here are pics of the dress:
shoes:  Paris Hilton Senorita pumps (last years birthday gift)
pink jewelry:  local store

If you notice, I need to straighten my straps a little better on the back, but I was in such a hurry to take this pic before going to church, I didn't think to check.  However, I did check before walking out the door :)
Until next time....Happy Sewing!!

Friday, August 12, 2011

Happy Birthday Fabric!!!

I celebrated my birthday yesterday and finally got to open my gifts of fabric.  I already knew what I was getting (I ordered it) but my husband said I had to wrap it up and open it on my birthday.  I love it when other bloggers share fabric purchases, so I will share mine.  I will also share my plans for it, but those plans are always subject to change.  Here is picture of all of it laid out in all its glory.

I will describe it left to right from the back row to the front row.
The first piece is a rayon/lycra knit print from EmmaOneSock. Here is a closeup from the website.

I found out about this fabric from the wonderful blog Welcome to the gOOd life.  This it the exact same fabric that the anthropologie Gathered Hemlock Dress is made from.  Guess what I am going to do?  Yes, I plan to make a knockoff, as did Sarah on her blog, but I am going to use B5674. I just have to wait until Hancock's puts the pattern on sale so I can get it.

Next up is this stretch cotton ombre print from Mood Fabrics.

I have been looking for awhile for a fabric to use to knockoff anthropologie's Dreaming in Green Skirt.  I am going to have to take a basic pencil skirt pattern and draft the skirt from it.  That will take a little work.
     The royal blue gabardine on the back row is from Hancock's fabric.  The first time I saw Victoria Beckham's Carmontelle Dress, I almost fell down from the beauty of it.  There are lots of images of it online if you just google it.  It also comes in gray, but for some reason, I want mine in royal blue.  S2282 is a close enough copy for me to be happy with. 

The tan striped fabric on the back row is ticking from Country Curtains.  I almost had a spell when I first saw anthropologie's Bold Boutonniere Dress  last year. I have wondered what to use for the skirt fabric until awhile back Kristina on her blog, Kristina J, made a knockoff using ticking.  I knew immediately I had to do the same thing.  I am going to make the bodice of the dress from some ivory polyester poplin.

The very psychadelic-looking fabric that is on the back row is from Hancock's.  It is one of their Linen Fancies.  The print of it is just like a knit top I have and have always loved.  I haven't the foggiest idea what I will make from it.  Any suggestions?

Now we have made it to the first row.  The green striped fabric is a polyester charmeuse from I am thinking of making V1190 with this fabric, but I am still debating that.

To the right of the green fabric is, I think, my favorite fabric of the bunch--if you can pick a favorite fabric--isn't that like picking a favorite child?  It is bright striped silk charmeuse, also bought from  I searched far and wide for some fabric similar to the fabric used on Kate Spade's Jeanette Striped Dress.  I am debating doing a shirt dress with the fabric like the Kate Spade dress, but at the same time, I am really liking S2177, View B for this fabric.  Readers, what do you think?

The next piece of fabric is a rayon challis by Free Spirit.  It is one of their Van Gogh splatter prints in green.  I bought it from Pattern Loft on ebay here.  I also got the pink version, too which is the last piece of fabric on the first row. 

pink splatter print

green splatter print

I first became aware of this Free Spirit Van Gogh collection on Green Apples blog.  I became obsessed with finding it, but it had sold out everywhere.  I finally came across it on ebay.  Interestingly enough, I was looking at yesterday, and now they have it.   I am debating making V1161 from one piece of it, but I am not sure.  Whatever I make from the remaining piece is still to be decided.

     Finally, the fourth piece of fabric on the first row is a really pretty black fabric with polka dots and pleating that I got from Gorgeous Fabrics.  I have been toying with the idea of making V1176 with it, but I am not sure how the bow on that dress would work with the pleating in the fabric.

Well, I am certainly going to be busy.  I imagine some of it will have to marinate for awhile before I figure out what to do, but I am looking forward to getting started sewing .  Needless to say, I am doing a happy dance.
Thanks for reading.  Happy Sewing!!!

Monday, August 8, 2011

S2444: Lollipop Dress

I think Simplicity 2444 is one of the prettiest patterns ever.  The cape collar and the full skirt are just so girly.   My first attempt at it was a wadder which then seemed to lead to a series of wadders.  I decided it needed to rest for awhile before I attempted it again.   A few months ago, I came across this cotton sateen on and knew I had found the perfect fabric for it.  This fabric reminds me of lollipops, thus the name of the post.
I had to do some altering on the bodice of this dress after making a muslin.   It just had a weird fit so I had to pinch out some on the front and back bodice.  It had gaping in both the front and back neckline as well as gaping at the front part of the armholes. 
darts drawn in where gaping (front bodice)

dart drawn in where gaping  (back bodice)

folding to get rid of fullness in bodice front

folding out fullness in bodice back

When I laid out the bodice front piece on my fabric there was alot of wrinkling and bubbling in it due to the folding.  It concerned me a little, but I forced the wrinkles and bubbling towards the bust area and smooshed it down as best as I could. 
bodice front pinned to fabric

I had to fold out some equal fullness in the cape collar front and back pieces to match what I did on the front and back bodice.  I am showing on the back collar piece below, but it was basically the same process as I did on the bodice pieces:   draw in dart, fold out fullness, and smoosh down.
front bodice piece
collar back

Likewise, fullness had to be folded out of the front and back facing pieces, but that only required a straight fold as opposed to any weird angles.  I also had to taper in from a 5/8" seam to a 7/8" seam at the shoulder seam to take even more fullness out of the neck.  Then I tapered from 5/8" out to 3/8"  at the side seam from the waist to the armhole so that I could breathe.  After all of that altering, I achieved a really good fit.  The topstitching on the collar and armholes was done with orange machine embroidery thread.
Here is the finished product:
bracelet:  actually a necklace from JCPenney
earrings:  some my sister got tired of (I love her jewelry hand-me-downs)
shoes:  tan patent peeptoes from Steinmart
Happy Sewing!!!

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

S2599-Ruffle neck top

I bought this Simplicity pattern quite awhile back, but it has just languished in my stash because I like sewing  pretty dresses the best.  However, it is always nice to do something different and something that is quicker for a change.  If it has a ruffle and a bow on it, I pretty much like it.  I have had some aqua polka-dot polyester charmeuse that I bought from Hancock's a couple of years ago that has also languished in my stash, so I just decided to put the pattern and the fabric together using View E (the view pictured on the model).

fabric closeup

      This pattern was truly easy to make and even the ruffle came together easily. However, the top is rather voluminous as you can see on the model.  I debated adding the elastic casing at the waist as in View F to make it a little more fitted, but since I plan to wear it tucked in I decided not to do so.  The only thing I did differently was to serge the edge of the ruffle and then turn it down and hem it as opposed to doing a narrow hem without serging as described in the instructions.  The top is not lined, so I serged all the seams inside. 
      I am letting my dress form, Lady Burgundy, model it so you can see the entire top. 


(sorry the pic is a little blurry)

skirt--I made this skirt a couple of years before I started blogging.  It is a lightweight polyester with a quilted effect to it.
Belt - Charlotte Russe
Tan patent peeptoes-Steinmart

  On a side note, my birthday is coming up next week and I have already picked out what I want.  Is it a shiny piece of jewelry?  Is it a statement handbag?  Well, of course not---it is fabric--but some really nice fabric. Swooooooonnnnn!!!! My husband told me awhile back to order the fabric I had been wanting and it could be for my birthday.  However, he said I could not sew it until my birthday and it had to be wrapped up so I could open it.  Isn't that sweet? It is sitting on the floor in my living room wrapped up in boxes staring at me.  My cat has tried to pull off the bows on the packages.  I have big plans for this fabric that I will share with you in a couple of weeks after I get to open it.  Until next time...Happy Sewing!!