Thursday, January 26, 2012

Come to Mama...New Vogue Patterns

Not to enable anyone or anything (Heh! Heh!) , but the new Vogue patterns are available at, they are on sale!!!   I decided to go over there to look for a pattern to knock off a dress I saw on Net-a-Porter (more about that later), and there they were.  I could not control myself.  I will show you what I ordered to whet your appetite.  This is not by far a comprehensive list of the new patterns, so I will let you browse on over there for a closer look.

Up first is V1280, a Donna Karan creation.  It calls for a two way stretch knit.  I love the interesting lines in the dress and I can see amazing color blocking possibilities.
V1280 - Donna Karan
 (line drawing below)

Next is V1281, also a Donna Karan.  I initially thought that this was also a knit, but it calls for crepe or charmeuse.  WOW is all I can say!!!
V1281 - Donna Karan
(line drawing below)

Lastly, as far as the new patterns, I ordered V1286, a Tracy Reese design.  This dress shows too much cleavage for my taste, so I will have to raise the neckline a little, but I do love the lines of the dress and the back of just fabulous.
V1286 - Tracy Reese
(line drawing below)

Lastly, I remembered to put the pattern I went to look at originally (before I was overcome by the new patterns) into my shopping cart.  It is M6028.
I have been salivating over this dress I saw on Net-a- Porter and went to BMV to look for a pattern that I might could use to make a similar dress.  I am thinking the first view of this pattern might give me what I need to make something similar to this beauty:
But, then again, it is on sale for $2,274 from an original $6785.  Since it is a third the original price, I suppose I could just buy it---are you kidding me?!?!?!?!?  In the words of Swamp People's Troy Landry, "I don't tink so."  Until next time, Happy Sewing!!!


Amanda S. said...

I stumbled upon the new Vogues today too. I love all your picks, plus a few more. The second Donna Karen dress does calls for something stretchy for the bodice or "contrast" as they're calling it. I LOVE that dress! I'm off to check their shipping price to see if it's reasonable!

Irene said...

Wonderful choices!

NancyDaQ said...

Those are some sex-ay dresses! But I'm sure you'll tweak them well so they're appropriate in real life. Always interesting to see which bloggers gravitate to which patterns.

Victoria said...

Those are some great new looks!!!!

crayon box said...

such Cute looks...:D