Wednesday, March 14, 2012

B6582--Inspired by Anthropologie's "Pethshire Dress"

     About a year ago, anthropologie came out with the Perthshire dress.  I loved it, but I did not love the price tag (as usual).  It went on sale and I still didn't love the price tag.  Honestly, I have gotten to the point where I get more happiness out of sewing a knockoff or an inspired piece of clothing than being able to actually obtain the real McCoy.  Three are some things that I have found are just impossible to knock off when the fabric used in the original is really special.  In those cases, it can always be a gift for a  birthday, or Christmas, ...or Valentine's day...dare I say President's day.  Anyway, feast your eyes on the Perthshire dress:
Perthshire Dress

    I set about looking for some similar fabric.  I could not find the exact fabric like the dress is made from, but that was not of utmost importance to me.  I just wanted some that was similar.  I finally found some fabric at Mood Fabrics described as a Bright Navy/Gray/White/Red Plaid Suiting.  The navy in the fabric is actually a bluish-purple.   I would link you to the fabric, but it is now sold out.  However, I found some that is even a little closer to the Perthshire dress fabric here at    I looked for similar patterns and decided that Butterick 6582 -View C would work.

I wanted a sash to go with my dress like the Perthshire Dress sash, so I just cut out two long pieces of fabric, angled the ends, sewed them together, and turned them inside out.  Voila, I had a sash.  I did not have to make any fitting alterations in this pattern.  In dress patterns, I usually have to pinch out some fullness in the bodice, but that was happily not the case here.
Here is my outfit with my "Perthshire Dress".

Purple turtleneck - Old Navy
Red Tights-???
Aldo "Iavocone" Booties - Aldo

shoe  closeup

Happy Sewing!!


Stevie said...

Lovely! I have a horrible addiction to Anthropologie too! I always allow myself a couple of things in the sale but until im earning buying stuff before then is outta the question. I got a few Anthro inspired makes lined up. Hope they come out as well as this!! xx

toy said...

those shoes are stunning, its bad that you are talking about your dress and I'm drooling over your booties the whole time

Lynneb said...

Oh, how wonderful! Nicely done, Rachel!

Catherine Daze said...

I really like the combination of the traditional fabric design with the slightly quirky style. Reminds me of some of Vivienne Westwood's designs! And great shoes too.

sewforlife said...

Hello! What a Fabulous job you've done on the various patterns you got here! My name is Valery with the McCall Pattern Company in NYC. Hope you are well. We would love to post your B4978, B5285, B5315, B5559, B6582, and V8728 photos on our Facebook pages, with your permission of course! In turn, we would post a link to your blog! Let me know at your convenience via my email address at Have a great weekend!