Sunday, July 22, 2012

S3833: Dress with Scallops

I was looking at Pinterest a few weeks back and came across this lovely dress by Lotusgrace with a scalloped hem.  If you throw a ruffle, bow, or scallop on it, I will love it.
Scalloped dress by Lotusgrace
I immediately set about finding some fabric (like I need more) and a pattern that would work.  On, I found this lovely sateen shantung.  One side of it is shiny and the other side is like a silk dupioni.  For this dress, I used royal, tiff blue, and white but I bought some other colors for a future project.
I immediately thought of S3833 because it has the same general shape to it as the Lotusgrace dress and it was in my stash.  
I left the bodice as it is on this pattern because it already has a curved bottom to it that sort of looks like a scallop.  In order to achieve the scalloped hem, I used this tutorial on Madeira Applique. The madeira applique was not hard---just a little trying of your patience.   The pattern went together very easily with no alterations in fit.  
hem closeup

Happy Sewing!!!